Citroen Car Key Blank HD ref: CN22T (pod Key)

Citroen Car Key Blank HD ref: CN22T (pod Key) -Buy Now

Citroen Car Key Blank HD ref: CN22T (pod Key)

Why would you want this key?

If you have a broken, damaged or worn key which is a chipped key (has a transponder in the head) most post 1995 models (rule of thumb). Then this key can save you a lot of money. This is called a pod key, designed to take the chip from your damaged key in the head of this key. So by carefully removing the chip from the old key, and placing it in the correct way, then get the key cut, you end up with a new chipped key!


Be very carefull when removing the chip from the head of the key, it sits very close to the where the blade come out of the head of the key, and is only about 15mm tall x 4mm, so very small! - If unsure, get some help from someone who knows what they are doing. If you damage the chip removing it, you may end up back where you started. Also, do not try starting your engine without the chip in, as you car will ask for the code, and as it is not there may lock the engine out for a period of time. 

Key blank dimensions:

Blade length (from the shoulder to the tip) 32.50mm, Blade width: 8.25mm


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