SEX9P Plastic Top Citroen Key Blank

SEX9P Plastic Top Citroen Key Blank -Buy Now

Citroen Car Key Blank HD ref: SEX9 P (P means plastic head).

Important note: Not all key cutters can cut this key, as some of these keys have side cuts, and key cutters need adapters to hold the key in the cutting machine. If your key has NO side cuts then any key cutter can cut these, if it has got side cuts (more than 2 cuts in the key), then check with a key cutters first.

Other key blank references:



Orion: SI17AP

Silca: SX9AP


Key blank dimensions:

Blade length (from the shoulder to the tip) 32.50mm, Blade width: 8.15mm



....... 0111111-6288888

.......H 0111111-6288888

63/99..... 12468

63/99.....H 12468

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