French Learner Driver Car Sticker - Apprenti

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French Learner Driver Car Sticker "Apprenti"


Size: 100x140mm


Do you know what the "A" stickers mean on these cars? They mean that there's going to be a party at our neighbors' house tonight!

The "A" means "apprenti", or in English "Learner's Permit". In the Olden Days the sticker said "90", which meant you weren't allowed to go over 90 KPH since you were a learner.

In France you have to be 17 ½ to have your full permit. However, you can start when you're 16 by taking 20 hours of coursework at an "Auto Ecole", and then passing a written test. After that it gets really complicated.

You can drive 3000 km with a driver over 28 who has had their licence for at least 3 years. There are all sorts of rules for the person you're driving with, plus you have to put a sign in the back window saying you're "conduite accompagné" ("CA").

Instead of this you can take lots of hours of lessons from the above-mentioned "Auto Ecole" which costs about £20/hour, depending on where you live and how much they feel like charging. '

Either way, you have to be a minimum of 17 ½, and have either finished the 3000 km pre-requisite or completed the driving school, and have passed a driving test, to finally have your license. Then you get an "A" in your back window for one year. 

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