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Looking for French Number Plates? Look no further!

We make authentic French Number Plates. Quick delivery is assured because we do all the work in-house, and we carry a huge stock of plates and
frames. Our french plates are guaranteed for 12 months and we ship worldwide.

You can order your plates online, or talk to our sales team on 0871 288 4 288. Our customer services team is dedicated to answering your questions.

Why wait for your plates to be delivered from France when you can order here and now? We are confident you will be delighted.

Special Offer
To celebrate being in business for 12 years and to mark the launch of our new
French Plates Press, we have a special introductory offer - French Plates for �35.00 a set including VAT.

Please note: Due to British number Plate Law changing on the 1st of Novemeber 2008, all our plates are now shipped from the Republic of Ireland (Co.Wexford).

Vintage French Plates (Classique)

We also produce
Vintage (black) French license plates, pressed with the French font . These are made in the same fashion as normal white and yellow French license plates , but the plate is matt black , with silver lettering. These are also �35.00 a set. If you prefer, have them printed in our new chrome holographic effect!

French Plates are not road legal on UK cars driving in Britain. They are therefore sold as French show plates and are manufactured and despatched from our office in County Wexford, Ireland. More about the Law regarding French show plates.

Our telephone number is on the top of every page, so if you have any difficulty placing your order please feel free to call us. We have a solid reputation for quality and service.
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